Our County Borough Betrayed

It’s not often we feel sorry for our sparring partners in the Bridgend and Ogmore Labour Party but today we make an exception.


For years they have loyally toed the party line.


They have dutifully obeyed the orders that come down from Cardiff Bay.

They have stood by whilst their colleagues were cruelly deselected.

They have voted for and defended the £11.3m contribution to the Cardiff City deal.

They have said nothing while watching the unseemly Labour – Conservative Alliance unfold on Bridgend Town Council.

They have repeated the script when we accuse them of not fighting hard enough for our communities, for the closure of our toilets, the disrepair of our roads and the neglect of our children’s playing fields. “It’s austerity” they cry, “it’s Westminster, the Tories”.

They have been loyal and they have been steadfast in their support of their party.


But today we found out what they got in return for they unwavering loyalty.




Today the Labour administration in Cardiff Bay betrayed their colleagues in Bridgend County Borough, they betrayed everyone who has ever voted for a labour councillor or assembly member but more than anything they betrayed us all!


Despite receiving more money from central government the Labour Government in Cardiff led by Bridgend’s own First Minister Carwyn Jones has CUT the amount it’s giving to BCBC next year by 0.6% or £1.1m.


At the same time they are INCREASING the payment to neighbouring Neath Port Talbot by 0.2% and of course Cardiff gets a 0.4% increase.

We are told repeatedly that its Westminster’s fault our grass isn’t being cut and our school budgets are! But its Cardiff Bay to blame here.

Cardiff Bay is not some remote and distant land. Our local labour councillors are close to their colleagues in the assembly. They work with them, they socialise with them. They are friends and now they’ve been betrayed by them.

We call on all Labour Councillors in our county borough to search their souls. How much longer can they endure the humiliation of unflinching loyalty in return for public betrayal.

How much longer can they stand on their door steps citing Westminster austerity when they knew their friends in Cardiff Bay have subjected our county borough to these devastating cuts?

It is often claimed that party councillors will always put party first. They they will always choose party loyalty over doing the right thing.

You didn’t seek election for this? You didn’t seek public office to see your own party betray the very people you strive to serve.

In your hearts you know that party loyalty is an illusion. It’s a one way street, they take but when the chips are down they won’t stab you in the back, they will publicly drive the dagger right through your hearts.

The administration in BCBC is clinging on by a thread. It will only take one or two councillors to put people before party and things can start to change.

Whether you have been newly elected or approaching the end of your political careers you must now know that you have been conned.




Tell your leader that enough is enough, resign and sit as independents.

Force a change of administration and let’s start working together putting our County Borough first.

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