They Can’t Even Cut Your Grass

You don’t have to look far to see the appalling state of our County Borough.

Litter strewn and left uncollected, weeds left to thrive and grass verges uncut for weeks.

BCBC are quick to blame cuts or to pass the buck to V2C housing who they say are responsible for many of our green areas.

Indeed V2C have issued a statement that they haven’t cut any grass this year because delays in re-tendering the contract! Once again you have to suffer because of the failure of others.

Spring should come as a surprise to no-one, it happens every year yet V2C have failed to conclude their tendering process in time.

They owe you an apology and if you have paid them a service charge, a refund.

But BCBC cannot wash their hands of this. What they are not quick to tell you is that 3 councillors from the ruling party sit on the board of V2C. They are supposedly there to provide oversight and scrutiny, in this instance they have failed badly.

Cabinet members Hywel Williams, Dhanisha Patel and Deputy Mayor Stuart Baldwin sit on the board to represent the interests of BCBC, your interests. How can this failure have happened when this is the case.

As Newcastle Ward Town Councillor Tim Wood said “They should’ve been onto them not apologising for them”.

“The tenders should’ve been sorted over the winter”.

We call upon V2C to commence grass cutting with immediate effect.

It is also clear that for one party to have 100% of the seats on the V2C board when they only make up 50% of the council is inappropriate and ineffective. We call upon BCBC to ensure political balance so that there is proper challenge.

Last year they demonstrated that they can’t empty our bins, now they can’t even cut their grass.

Bcbc need to rediscover civic pride, instead of passing the buck and show leadership.

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