Actions Not Words

There will be a By Election For the Newcastle Ward of Bridgend Town Council on 7th June 2018.

There are three Candidates, the two large national parties and Lee Robson an Independent.

As we post this leaflets are dropping on your door mats with all manner of claims and aspirations.

We are particularly amused by one which claims that a national party councillor has “made repeated calls for the full Kier contract to be made available to councillors so that the tax-payer funded service can be scrutinised effectively”

Fine words but sadly no action.

Bridgend County Independents have been the only group actively challenging BCBC over the waste contract and indeed rather sitting back and making “repeated calls” we got off our backsides, and extracted the contract from BCBC using Freedom of Information Requests.

We then analysed the contract highlighting the key clauses and published the ENTIRE contract online so that EVERYONE can read it and use it to hold BCBC and their councillors to account.

We have even used BCBC’s own data to highlight that Kier’s performance over the last 12 months has been so poor that BCBC may be able to terminate the contract.

The national Parties are all talk and no action.

Independent Councillors DO WHAT THEY SAY THEY’LL DO.

When the party flyers land on your door mats in Newcastle ask what have they actually done.

Vote Independent

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