A Year of Delivery for Newcastle Ward

This month marks a year since the local elections where Bridgend Town residents put their faith in Independent Candidates by electing an independent majority on Bridgend Town Council.

Its therefore an opportunity for your Newcastle Ward Independent Councillors to outline the progress that has already been achieved.

Cllr Paul Warren was elected as Deputy Mayor and has overseen a complete overhaul of Bridgend Town Council staffing structure that has seen the creation of 5 new essential jobs and increased Clerk & Deputy Clerk roles to make BTC fit for new requirements of new regulations imposed third tier Councils.

Cllr Tim Wood has worked tirelessly on the purchase of 4 defibrillator packs for Bridgend Town Centre, using private money donated which has drastically reduced the amount of public money spent on the scheme.

Cllr Alan Wathan has worked on a rescue package for Evergreen Hall, protecting its future by working with new and existing groups and re-evaluating all existing practises in place. There was a real danger that this provision could have been lost without urgent attention.

Cllr David Unwin has continued to work throughout the entire area, reporting broken street lights, producing the empty shop report as well as delivering a fully costed budget that ensures that Bridgend Town Council has sustained growth whilst offering value for Bridgend residents. He has also been instrumental in securing nearly £40,000 from outside Grant Aid to fund various projects around our Town.

You may be aware that a By Election will be held for a vacancy for the Newcastle Ward on Thursday 7th June 2018.

As Councillors we support the nomination of Mr Lee Robson, who is standing as an Independent Candidate. We have all known Lee for a long time and are sure that he will endorse the work that we have already started on your behalf.

Newcastle Ward needs true representation from truly Independent Councillors and Lee Robson will be a strong, independently minded individual able to take forward work on your behalf.

We are delivering change and will continue to build over the next 4 years and beyond but it is fragile and can still be undermined by those in the national parties that fear Change.

Don’t be fooled by them, they seek to maintain their cosy club.

on June 7th there may be three candidates but there is only one choice.

To deliver Change for Bridgend you need to vote for Change, that means voting for your INDEPENDENT CANDIDATE LEE ROBSON on 7th June 2018.



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