No Change for Bridgend Town – So What’s The Plan?

Despite the support of the majority of Bridgend Town Traders, an overwhelming response to public consultation and pre-election promises by the ruling group it has been reported in the media that BCBC have removed plans for the de-pedestrianisation of Bridgend Town Centre from a critical funding application following advice from Welsh Government officers.

A BCBC spokesman is reported as saying that the council “has not yet had any official feedback on funding” from the Welsh Government yet does not dispute the story.

The limited reintroduction of traffic to Bridgend is seen as a cornerstone to the revitalisation of the town but the scheme now appears to be in peril.

The BCBC administration needs to answer the following questions:

  • Did the Welsh Government advise BCBC to remove the de-pedestrianisation from their Targeted Regeneration Investment Programme “TRIP” funding application?
  • Did BCBC act upon the advice and remove de-pedestrianisation from the application?
  • Where does that leave the scheme, to quote one of our local AMs what is “Plan B”?

There are 6 BCBC councillors representing Bridgend Town wards, we call upon them to put party politics aside and table urgent questions regarding this matter during the next full council meeting.

This is a time for honesty, this is a moment for frankness and not political double speak. 



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