Playing By The Rules – The Standards We Should Be Expecting

Last week we outlined some of the key performance measures within the BCBC waste and recycling contract. This post lists some of the standards that Kier are contracted to operate to. This is what YOU pay them to do.

General Standards

  • Household Contract Waste shall be collected from the curtilage of each property, i.e. the location where the property boundary meets the public highway, except at Communal Collection Points and Houses of Multiple Occupancy, where there are designated collection points. The Contractor’s attention is drawn to the fact that collection in some streets and premises is restricted due to the narrowness of streets, rear lane collections or outlying locality and the Contractor shall make arrangements to collect Contract Waste from all such premises complying with the collection frequency specified in this Specification.


  • Stacking or advancement of Receptacles including sacks at informal collection points for subsequent collection is not permitted and the Contractor shall ensure that his staff fully observes this restriction in undertaking Contract Waste Collection Services.


  • All collection activities shall be carried out in a clean and tidy manner at all times and with minimum disruption and noise to residents.


  • Re-usable Receptacles shall be left, after collection, at the location where they were placed for collection, and stacked neatly to minimise footway obstructions and loss or damage. Receptacles, where provided with lids, shall be closed and secured after emptying.


  • Any spilled material from undertaking Collection Services must be swept up and removed immediately by the Contractor.


  • The Contractor shall ensure that all vehicles carry suitable and sufficient equipment (for example, brushes, shovels, etc.) to enable any accumulation of Residual Waste from open or damaged bags or Receptacles, irrespective of the cause of such damage or spillage, to be removed at the same time as the Collection Service is undertaken.


  • The Contractor shall be responsible for the repair and replacement of all Receptacles including those lost, stolen, or damaged during the Contract Term.


  • The Contractor shall also provide additional Receptacles for Recyclables if requested by the households.


  • The Contractor shall, as a minimum, provide the following Receptacles to households before the Services Commencement Date and thereafter every six months during the Contract Period:
    • A roll of 26 authorised Residual Waste sacks (corresponding to two sacks per collection for 6 months) to all households;
    • A roll of 78 authorised Food Waste sacks (i.e. caddy liners complying with the specification detailed in paragraph 27.1.2c.) for the kitchen caddy (corresponding to three sacks per week for 6 months) to all households. The Contractor shall provide additional Food Waste sacks if requested; and
    • A roll of authorised AHP collection sacks sufficient to last for six months to each registered household (number of sacks supplied to each registered household to be determined by the Contractor dependent on the needs of the Customer).


  • The Contractor shall repair or supply new, additional or replacement Receptacles within ten Working Days of receiving a genuine request from households.


  • The Contractor shall deliver new Receptacles to newly occupied premises within ten Working Days of a request received from a householder or on instruction from the Supervising Officer and commence collections from that property on the next scheduled day of collection.


Enforcement Rules

  • Where the Household Contract Waste presented does not comply with the collection requirements due to one or more of the following reasons, the Contractor shall place a bilingual (English and Welsh) pre-printed notice or sticker on Receptacles of the householder informing them of the reason for non-collection:


  • Household Contract Waste, except Dry Recyclables, is presented in Receptacles not authorised for the collection of that material;
  • Household Recyclables presented are heavily contaminated;
  • Number of Residual Waste sacks presented for collection exceeds the allowance permitted by the Authority or Residual Waste is presented in unauthorised sacks;
  • Access was denied or restricted (applies only to Assisted Collections), in which cases a notice shall be placed through the Customer’s door or post box); or
  • Waste was not presented (applies only to Bulky Waste collections, in which cases a notice shall be placed through the Customer’s door).


  • The bilingual non-collection notice or sticker shall be of a suitable quality to withstand damage from rain and wind, if placed or stuck to the Receptacle. The notice shall include, in addition to the reason for non-collection, contact details and website address for the Customer to get additional information regarding Household Contract Waste Collection Services and correct presentation of materials.


  • Where a non-collection notice is issued, the Contractor’s staff shall record that information, including the household address, in real-time using a tablet PC or similar electronic means and include such information in the Daily Report.


  • The Authority may take further action based on the information received from the Contractor.


Are you getting what you’re paying for?

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