Playing By The Rules – Performance Failure Points

We have already explained how the BCBC Waste and Recycling contract contains Performance Measures that should be used to drive the performance of the contractor, Kier, and how failure to meet these measures attracts Performance Failure Points which in turn lead to financial deductions.

This post highlights some of the key Performance Measures that impact on all of us on a day to day basis.

Note that some failures attract more points than others. However, virtually all the issues that you will have been experiencing frustration with are covered by the contract.

Its also important to point out that complaints to the Public Services Ombudsman that are upheld attract 500 points. The Ombudsman is your point of escalation in the event that BCBC/Kier do not satisfactorily deal with your complaint.

We are not encouraging you to make vexatious complaints. However, we believe that you are entitled to know how YOUR council’s contractor is measured so you can hold them properly to account.

When contacting BCBC or Kier to make a complaint it would be worthwhile referring to the Performance Standard Failure Number as this links directly to the contract and the Performance Framework. There is therefore no ambiguity and the complaints must be reported to BCBC and count towards the month’s accrued points.

You should also refer to the Standard Failure Number when dealing with your Borough Councillor on waste and Recycling matters.

The table below summarises the measures that affect us most in our day to day dealings with Kier. Next week we will publish all performance measures and share the specification so that you can understand exactly what service you should be expecting.

We are repeatedly told what BCBC expect of us but now we are now finally able to fully understand what we expect of BCBC.

Performance Standard Failure Number (Contract schedule 3) Description Performance Failure Points
16 Failure to attend calls within the maximum call waiting time specified in paragraph 9.1.5 1
17 Failure to inform the Authority of complaints specific to this Contract referred to Ombudsman within 1 Working Day of becoming aware of such referrals 200
18 Number of official complaints regarding the Contract upheld by the Ombudsman 500
22 Failure to comply with the clothing and identification requirements 100
29 Stacking or advancement of Receptacles at informal collection points for subsequent collection 25
30 Failure to return containers to the property boundary and leave them as specified in paragraph 15.1.15 of the Specification 1
31 Failure to clean up and remove any spilled materials 10
32 Failure to secure storage areas and premises immediately after collection of Recyclables and Waste 5
34 Failure to inform Customers of non-compliance with Recyclables and Waste presentation as required by the Authority 2
35 Failure to record and report non-compliance issues to the Authority 2
36 Missed Collection – Dry Recyclables or Food Waste. Note: 2
37 Missed Collection – Green Waste. 2
38 Missed Collection – Residual Waste (and AHP, if co-collected with Residual Waste). 2
39 Missed Collection – AHP (Note: this failure applies if AHP is collected separate to Residual Waste or Recycling Collection Service) 25
40 Missed Collection – Clinical Waste 25
41 Missed Collection – Bulky Waste 25
42 Missed Collection – Commercial Recyclables 5
43 Missed Collection – Commercial Residual Waste 5
44 Failure to repair, replace or provide re-usable Receptacles to household Customers in accordance with paragraph 25.1.14 of the Specification 5
45 Failure to provide Residual Waste sacks at least 6 weeks before the households supply runs out when used in accordance with the two sacks per household per collection limit 5
46 Failure to provide Food Waste sacks at least 6 weeks before the households supply runs out when used in accordance with three bags per week limit 2
47 Failure to provide AHP sacks at least 6 weeks before the households supply runs out when used in accordance with the household’s specified limit 5
48 Failure to provide Receptacles to newly occupied premises 10
49 Failure to provide place and maintain bilingual stickers on Dry Recyclables’ receptacles at the start of the Contract 1
50 Failure to comply with the Green Waste collection protocol 5
51 Failure to collect Residual Waste complying with the Authority’s Residual Waste sacks restriction policy subject to any dispensations agreed in accordance with paragraph 29.1.3. 5
52 Collection of AHPs in unauthorised sacks 5
53 Failure to offer Bulky Waste collection within the timescale specified in paragraph 31.1.5 of the Specification. 5


2 thoughts on “Playing By The Rules – Performance Failure Points

  • January 26, 2018 at 10:31 pm

    It’s nearly one year since I requested the new recycling bags / containers. After far to many emails, phone calls, with promise I was on a priority list . Oh I’m still waiting , this is an absolute shambles maesteg streets have never been so dirty and littered. It’s completely disgusting shocking service.

  • February 2, 2018 at 3:58 pm

    I took 49 photographs of litter strewn all over our street yesterday, along with rubbish bins and sacks left in the road and blocking pavements. I’m still collecting rubbish off our front lawn and grassed areas this afternoon.
    I understand that windy conditions can be a problem along with the many seagulls we have in the area, but these problems could easily be negated if good quality boxes with lids were used instead of the flimsy recycling sacks.


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