Community Well Being Needs a Community Response

As part of the main foundation basis for the Assessment of Local Well Being, part of the Well-being of Future Generations (Wales) Act 2015, BCBC has drafted an Assessment of Well Being that is currently in the analysis and final drafting stage, and is due to be published in May 2018.

According to this Assessment of Well Being Plan, BCBC states:

“While we have tried wherever possible to assess well-being locally, there is a scarcity of quantitative data at a ‘neighbourhood’ or ward level, hence a gap in our understanding of well-being at the defined community level. We will continue to collect and analyse information at a local level to further inform our assessment”


“This document will update and evolve as our understanding of well-being in Bridgend continues to increase.”

The agreed set of local objectives in this assessment have been under discussion since May 2017, and as far as we can discover, there has been NO request or requirement for community councils to be involved at any level to date and It is very concerning that BCBC did not see fit to consult with community councils on these incredibly important documents.

The consultation period for the general public was four weeks in Feb/Mar 2016.

We would recommend that community councils move forward with putting together plans to oversee the collection of information and the creation of a Community Action Plans, as recommended by One Voice Wales, that present an ongoing, live plan for full council consideration and publication. This will provide a ready supply of information for BCBC’s continued requirements under this Act that actually has some input from us all in our communities.

There are significant changes that coming with boundary reforms, and BCBC’s recent statements on funding shortages saw borough residents being asked to make decisions on cuts to vital services. Now more than ever it is vital that communities take control of their future.

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