BCBC need to get their house in order.

Once again BCBC are “consulting” with us about where budgets should be cut, or as they term it, “what our priorities are”.


We even have the Chief Executive and Deputy Leader engaging in an online chat this evening to further the illusion of meaningful consultation.


They ask rather glibly if we’re rather protect one service over another, will we want to protect libraries or schools? Social Services or street cleaning?


From these choices you’d be mistaken for believing that BCBC is a lean, efficient organisation. Every scrap of waste removed, cut to the bone with no more efficiencies to be made only cuts. THE CUTS THAT THEY WILL CLAIM WE ASKED THEM TO MAKE.


It’s therefore timely that today we received a response to a Freedom of Information Request.


We asked BCBC how much they had spent in total preparing the funding bid for the grant that they are seeking to covert Maesteg’s historic indoor market into a “cultural hub”.


You’d imagine such a lean organisation would know the answer to the penny.


BUT the answer was:


“The Authority does not hold the information requested. We do not keep timesheets for bid preparation therefore we do not hold information on how much time is spent on this and are unable to provide a cost”.


When pressed they confirmed:


“The Council does not know how much has been spent in preparation of the funding bid. As advised earlier, this information is not held”.


This is a shocking admission.


An organisation that has a net budget in the region of £240m per annum does not know how much they are spending on bid preparation!


Where else is spending uncontrolled?


Yet now they are claiming that there are no more efficiencies to be made and we must be made to choose which services we want to keep and which we want to cut.


We have a message to the rag bag administration running BCBC. GET YOUR HOUSE IN ORDER.


WE EXPECT BETTER and the people of Bridgend County Borough expect you to take more care of OUR money.

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