12 Months of Change

A year ago today a small group of Independent candidates posed for a photo on the old stone bridge in Bridgend to mark the launch of Change for Bridgend.

A little over 6 months later Independent candidates supported by us contested 67 BCBC and Town & Community council seats resulting in

  • 3 BCBC seats
  • 11 of 19 Bridgend Town Council Seats
  • 6 of 11 Coity Higher Community Council Seats
  • 5 of 13 Garw Valley Community Council Seats
  • 3 of 13 St Brides Minor Community Council Seats
  • Plus seats on Ogmore Valley, Merthyr Mawr and Newcastle Higher Community Councils.

Since then two more seats have been gained on Ynysawdre Community Council.

It’s incredible what has been achieved in just 12 months. Independent councillors are ensuring independent voices are represented within our councils.

In recognition of our county wide success in September we changed our name to BRIDGEND COUNTY INDEPENDENTS to better reflect the communities we collectively serve.

Independent councillors are fighting hard for you at Borough and community level across our county as advocates for you and your wards. In Bridgend Town and Coity Higher they are leading and shaping council priorities.

In BCBC councillors we supported form part of the Independent Alliance official opposition group and one is Vice Chair of the influential Audit Committee. Scrutinising, challenging and holding the administration to account.

We are already starting to make a difference.

Before the election we called for BCBC to use new powers to levy additional council tax on premises that have been empty for more than two years with the twin aims of bringing them back into habitation and raising additional revenue. At the time they dismissed the idea.

Today, as if to mark our first anniversary, in response to a question tabled at full council by Cllr Sorrel Dendy (Blaengarw) the BCBC deputy leader stated:


“I wish to reassure Cllr Dendy that I and my Cabinet colleagues are giving this issue much thought and consideration”


“Increasing council tax levied against empty homes could be one of many levers we will consider using”.


This is just another example of where your newly elected INDEPENDENT councillors are making a real difference. We are delivering change!

A great deal has been achieved in a year yet there is so much to do.

We remain committed to our shared belief that national party politics has no place in local government. The policies and decisions that are made by our councils should be driven by the needs of our communities.

We thank you all for your support and recognise that your continued trust depends upon us delivering on our promises to you.

Why don’t you join us on our journey?

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