Notice of Election – Garw Valley Community Council (Pontycymer Ward)

Recently we posted about our support for local democracy and your right to call, stand and vote in by elections. This week a notice of election was posted on the BCBC website and Garw Valley Community Council notice boards.

Although the vacancy arose and the election was called some time ago the notice has only been posted in the last few days and the deadline for nominations is this Friday at 4pm.

We encourage and support  independently minded people to stand for election to their community councils and this is an excellent opportunity for you to represent the Pontycymer Ward.

The nomination process is very straightforward, in simple terms you need to be registered to vote in the ward, own property, work or live within 3 miles of the Garw Valley Community Council boundary. you also need to be nominated and seconded by two registered voters of the ward.

Should you wish to stand as an independent candidate then Bridgend County Independents would be happy to support you through the nomination and election process, design and help with printing election leaflets, through election day and beyond.

Alternatively Electoral Services in BCBC can provide guidance.

We understand that one of the national parties have already selected their candidate so if there are no other candidates then they will be elected unopposed.

Community councils belong to us all, they are not the preserve of national parties and certainly no one party should take them for granted.

Its not too late to stand for election and make a difference for the community of Pontycymer.




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