Independent Evolution

The 4th May 2017 saw an Independent Revolution as independent candidates supported by Change For Bridgend contested seats across the Bridgend County in BCBC and Town & Community councils.

We made the established parties take notice and with your support we have made it clear to them that no party has the right to take our county, our towns or communities for granted.

We believe that local government is no place for the national parties. Local government is about communities coming together to build a fairer, more prosperous county borough free from political dogma.

But we achieved far more than to simply make a noise and make people take notice.

We delivered electoral success.

THREE Independent BCBC councillors.

Independent majority on Bridgend Town Council.

Independent majority on Coity Higher Community Council.

Strong independent groups on Garw Valley and St Brides Minor Community Councils.

Independent representation on Merthyr Mawr, Newcastle Higher and Ogmore Valley Community Councils.

At the same time we saw other Independent groups achieve success gaining seats and now holding majorities on councils across the Bridgend County Borough. In fact there are more Town and Community Councils with Independent majorities than single party majority.

When Change For Bridgend was formed we had high hopes but we could never have foreseen the scale of our impact and how far across the county we would reach.

Independent COUNCILLORS that Change For Bridgend supported through the elections are now representing you and fighting for you. We are no longer a group of candidates calling for change we are DELIVERING CHANGE.

That is why it’s now time for an INDEPENDENT EVOLUTION.

It’s why Change For Bridgend is evolving to become BRIDGEND COUNTY INDEPENDENTS.

This evolution reflects the fact that our members represent seats across the county. It also demonstrates our commitment, we are here to stay!

The work has barely begun. 

BRIDGEND COUNTY INDEPENDENTS is a support network for independent councillors, encouraging co-operation and forging links with independent groups and individuals through our county borough.

We’ll continue to encourage and support independent candidates in the many by elections that will arise between now and 2022.

We are proud that three of our members are part of the Independent Alliance now the official opposition group on BCBC.

We are also proud to announce that Luke Richards was elected unopposed to represent Brynmenyn on Ynysawdre Community Council – the first councillor elected under the BRIDGEND COUNTY INDEPENDENTS banner.

There is much to look forward to as we build upon our achievements so far.

We’re looking forward to supporting Neal Scorer in the Bettws by election for Garw Valley Community Council on 28th September.

We thank you all for your support so far and look forward to welcoming more members, supporting more candidates and working with councillors, whatever their political affiliation to improve the lives of residents throughout Bridgend County Borough. 

If you’d like to stand for election become an independent councillor or simply share our aims please get in touch, we’d love to hear from you.


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