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Bridgend County Independents formed to support and promote INDEPENDENT councillors and candidates in County Borough and Town & Community councils across the Bridgend County Borough Area. Although we are a group or independents we all agree that national party politics has no place in local government, we believe in an independent alternative.

At a time when trust in the national political parties is at an all-time low, we firmly believe that effective local government is achieved through community policies not national politics, and through finding local solutions to local problems.

Bridgend County Independent Councillors stand on their own merits and policies believing, that at the local level, councillors should be accountable first and foremost to their electorate and not to a party-political grouping. We exist to give expression to this belief.

What makes us different? Our approach is based on our local community and its needs and not on the wishes of a party-political organisation looking over its shoulder to Westminster and Cardiff Bay.

Standing as an Independent Councillor at either County Borough or Town and Community council can be a daunting undertaking. Bridgend County Independents provides a support network for Independent councillors and candidates, linking independently minded people across the county and providing guidance through the electoral process. However, unlike the political parties, we’ll never tell you how to vote.

Whether you are an existing independent councillor, considering seeking election in the future or you simply share our view please get in touch.

Join us.

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