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Change For Bridgend firmly believe that party politics has no place in local government.

It certainly has no place in our town and community councils.

That’s why we successfully supported so many independent candidates who are now representing you on town and community councils across the county. May’s elections saw independents supported by us gain the majority in Bridgend Town Council and Coity Higher Community Council.

Councillors supported by Change For Bridgend also represent you on Garw Valley, Merthyr Mawr, Newcastle Higher, Ogmore Valley and St Brides Minor community councils.

We were also delighted to see other independents gain control of councils across our borough as people increasingly share our view that petty party politics has no place in our communities.

But May’s Independent Revolution was just the start. There are currently vacancies and by elections scheduled and there will be more over the next 4 1/2 years.

Next Thursday 7th sees a by election in the Cefn Glas 1 ward of Laleston Community Council.

There is a clear choice. Vote for Luke Richards the independent candidate who is free from party control or two national party candidates.

We have watched with a mixture of bemusement and distaste as we have witnessed an MP, the leader of BCBC and the usual rag tag of party faithfuls being mobilised to support their candidate. 

On the one hand we are flattered that they take the Independent candidate so seriously that they consider this necessary but on the other we are appalled that they seek to crush all opposition in their desperation to cling onto their seat and their influence over our communities.

We repeat. Party politics has no place in our community councils. It is not a nursery for wannabe politicians. Community councils will play an increasing role in the provision of our services as the party that control BCBC continue to cut the things that matter to us.

Given that they are so determined to politicise community councils when they knock your door maybe you could remind them of their shambolic management of the new waste contract, their £800,000 education cuts or the weeds, uncut verges and hedgerows that blight our communities.

They have no interest in us or our communities, they crave power and fear losing it.

Should you want to stand as an independent candidate for your town and community council but are reluctant to go up against the party bully boys then please speak to us and we can offer you support through the election process. Although we’re all independent we share a common belief that party politics does not belong in our communities. We also know how to stand up to the parties because we’ve done it and we’ve won.

But it starts next Thursday 7th September in Cefn Glas.

Vote for Luke Richards

Vote Independent 

Vote for Change.

promoted by Luke Richards of 19 Bettws Road, Brynmenyn, Bridgend, CF32 9HY

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