A Week To Change Bridgend

In just 7 days time the polls will open and we can cast our votes for the candidates we want to represent our wards, our communities and to run our councils for the next 5 years.

These local elections are the most important in recent times. The choices YOU make next Thursday will shape our County for many years to come not simply the next council term. 

There is also real choice for the first time. The choice between the tired administration that has driven our County into the ground or Independents who have drive, the vision and fresh thinking.

A choice between national parties selecting tame puppets who will be instructed from Cardiff and beyond, frightened to represent you because they’re there to serve the party hierarchy.

A choice between more of the same or something better, braver and brighter!


23 INDEPENDENT candidates standing together and working together for YOU.

This is our chance to make a genuine change by voting for genuine INDEPENDENT candidates who really care about the areas that they live and represent.

But there is also another choice.

The choice to vote!

Unless you vote THEY WIN. the current cosy club rely on you not voting, if you don’t vote THEY WIN.

Five more wasted years, five more years of decline and five more years of bad decisions that will effect us for years to come.

To get change you MUST vote next Thursday 4th May.

Vote for your local Change For Bridgend Independent candidate.


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