Our Journey, Your Future.

Last year a small group started talking. They were sick and tired of the declining fortunes of our county borough and the arrogance of the ruling political party elite who were increasingly out of touch and blind to the problems in front of them.

Ordinary people have had enough and although independently minded and from different backgrounds the group had one thing in common, that it was time to kick party politics out of local government in Bridgend County Borough.

Change For Bridgend was launched on 1st November 2016 and was immediately dismissed as a “Rag Tag and Bobtail” group by senior Bridgend Labour Party figures. However, in a few short months a succession of Independent people from across the County Borough and the “political spectrum” have come together to stand as Independent candidates in the BCBC and Town & Community council Elections.

Independently minded, free from any party whip, but united to bring Change to Bridgend County Borough and reclaim OUR council from the parties and return it to the residents.

From a Rag Tag and Bobtail group in November we submitted SIXTY SEVEN nomination papers for the local elections on 4th May, 23 for BCBC and 44 Town & Community Council seats.

For the first time in BCBC’s history EVERY seat is being contested. Change for Bridgend Independents have forced elections in Blaengarw, Blackmill and Pontycymer which were uncontested last time.

It was then said that we had no policies and that Independents couldn’t work together. Look at our website and read our common policy statements that spell out our vision for BCBC and our towns & communities. We have worked together to develop our 50 Principles of Change For Bridgend.

We are ALREADY working together and we are already setting the agenda and making a difference.

We have the national parties on the run.

In desperation it is now claimed that, because we are so well organised, that we can’t be independents at all!

Don’t listen to the national parties who have failed our County Borough for generations. Change For Bridgend was born out of a desire to improve, to challenge and to tackle the issues we face with independent minds. Doing what’s right for the public, not what a party hierarchy demands.

We have no party loyalties, we have no party puppet masters pulling our strings.

We work for you. Vote for Change on 4th May.



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