Local Issues Matter

Look around your community. Like us you will see problems that have been left un-solved for years by BCBC. Often, the solutions are simple and relatively inexpensive but the impact will be significant.

We can all point to the lines that could be painted outside our schools that would make the school run safer. The missing pavement or the pedestrian crossing that allows people to safely cross busy roads. It could be the road sign that stops your village being used as a rat run, the damaged bus shelter, the pot holes, the insufficient parking at the football pitch that means cars block your drive every Sunday.

These things matter to us but they don’t matter to the current administration in BCBC. They don’t care about the things that make our lives difficult. They care about pointless vanity projects that nobody asked for and nobody wants.

This current administration spends OUR money on a bridge opposite their offices that nobody uses. They want to spend more money evicting the market traders of Maesteg to create a “cultural centre” that nobody wants. Of course, they can find millions of pounds to revamp their offices too.

Change For Bridgend Independent candidates have already spelled that we will put communities at the heart of everything we do and have outlined our approach to transport and connectivity.

Vote for your Change For Bridgend Independent candidate on 4th May and, if we are in a position to form an administration, we will challenge our officers to develop a rolling programme of community focussed capital works.

Schemes that matter to you and make a difference to your lives. We will also work in partnership with Town and Community Councils to find innovative means of delivering and funding the projects that really matter.

We will encourage and support Town and Community councils to develop Community Access Plans that highlight the issues and develop LOCAL solutions.

This is OUR County Borough, these are our communities and this is OUR local authority. It’s time it worked for us.

It’s Time For Change!

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