Change for Bridgend Town Council

We are so proud to be an organisation that has put forward 17 Candidates for Bridgend Town Council Election on May 4th 2017

6 for Morfa Ward
6 for Oldcastle Ward &
5 for Newcastle Ward

Every single Candidate is Independent and standing with the support of Change For Bridgend.

With the announcement today of the “statement of persons nominated” for election for the Local Authority Elections, Change For Bridgend has put forward the highest number of Candidates of any organisation and has proven it’s passion and dedication towards Bridgend Town.

We started this movement less than 12 months ago and have worked tirelessly to build a team of Independent Candidates to represent the three Wards of Bridgend Town free from Political control.

Today, more than any other day the Winds of Change can be felt across Bridgend Town. Today, more than any other day we can see Change coming to Bridgend. Today, more than any other day we can look forward to a better Bridgend.

We have supported these Candidates, we now present them to you in the following Wards.

Newcastle Ward
Eric Hughes
Cllr David Unwin
Paul Warren
Alan Wathan
Tim Wood

Morfa Ward
Steven Bletsoe
Stuart Charles
Ceri Evans
Isabel Robson
Lee Robson
Amanda Williams

Oldcastle Ward
Shaun Bastin
Freya Bletsoe
Marcelle Humphreys
Rebecca Porter
Kimberley York
Mike York

Change For Bridgend supported Candidates for Local Elections 2017

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