Wasted Opportunity

In light of the recent confusion and now apparent confirmation that the new 7-year waste collection and recycling contract has been awarded along with the controversial “two bag” rule and “bin police” Change For Bridgend Independent candidates are quite rightly being asked for our position on the matter.

We have therefore set out our collective response to your reasonable questions below.

1 – Do Change For Bridgend Independents agree with and support the new contract and “two bag” rule?

  • No

2 – Why? 

  • Because it penalises residents without offering solutions to make recycling easier and increase the range of materials that can be recycled.
  • A household of 5 could recycle diligently yet struggle to keep to the 2-bag limit.
  • We are also unhappy that a new 7-year contract has been signed with the incumbent just before the elections tying the hands of the next council.
  • There are already grave concerns over the performance of the existing contractor and their ability to manage further change going forward, especially with the new unannounced changes in how residents make queries.

3 – Will you cancel it? 

  • Honestly, we don’t know. Despite requests to BCBC we do not know the form of contract or its details. It would be rash to make a promise to cancel it.
  • We will conduct a thorough review of the contract and the whole two bag/education & enforcement officer policy.
  • It could be that the “two bag rule” and the Kier contract are not contractually linked, therefore, it may be possible to cancel the limit.
  • We already know that the Education & Enforcement officers will be funded by fines under a separate agreement. That could therefore be looked at very carefully.
  • We will review what we have and make the best decision for YOU based on the facts.

4 – What would you do?

  • Conduct a thorough review of waste and recycling services including the Kier contract.
  • We will properly listen to what the residents want
  • Seek to expand the range of materials that can be recycled.
  • Investigate ways of ENCOURAGING recycling, community schemes, more flexible collections etc.
  • Assuming the contract stands we will ensure that its robustly managed making full use of EVERY contractual lever to ensure that costs are minimised and service improved.

Use your vote to bring CHANGE FOR BRIDGEND on 4th May!

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