Shaun Bastin – Brackla Ward

I am pleased to announce that I intend to stand for election as an independent candidate for Brackla in the forthcoming local elections, alongside my companions in the highly popular Change For Bridgend movement. I believe firmly in INTEGRITY, CLARITY, and ACCOUNTABILITY, and fully intend to make these principles become the cornerstone upon which our community is built. Without a level foundation, the walls that we build for our new community cannot be square.

INTEGRITY – sadly lacking in many walks of life, I believe absolutely in putting the community of Brackla first, putting the best person in a role because they are the BEST, not because they are my cousin, or my buddy Joe from school. I believe very strongly that many of our biggest problems in Bridgend stem from national policies that do not take into account local needs and issues. National parties tell their members what issues they are allowed to vote on, and what their vote will be. As an independent, I will not be beholden to any party, there will be no party whips to tell me what to do and threaten me with punishments for not towing the party line. I will be able to vote freely, to follow the dictates of the people of Brackla, to put the needs of the community first. I will be able to hold my head up high, safe in the knowledge that my conscience is clear.

CLARITY – for far too many constituents, the world of politics is murky, hidden dealings in private meetings. Where exactly is our money being spent? Where are cutbacks being made? Elected officials are – in some cases – claiming tens of thousands of pounds in expenses while families are living in hostels, veterans sleep rough on the streets, schools are facing cutback after cutback. I say NO MORE. It is not acceptable to claim expenses to travel from Brackla to the council offices for meetings when it is a 20 minute walk. If elected I fully intend to investigate exactly how much money is wasted, to look into alternate resource management systems, to make savings on non essential luxuries and not cut back on schools or social services that are a vital part of a strong community. Almost 1 out of every 5 shops in Bridgend stand empty, and the current administration continues a mindless policy of building more with no coherent plan to fill the ones already built. Resources across the county have been appallingly mishandled, it is time for things to be put right, for the people of the community to have a say, to rebuild Bridgend into a place we can be proud to call home!

ACCOUNTABILITY – the current administration has held the reigns of power for so long now that they imagine themselves untouchable, that they can do as they wish without regard for the needs of the people. They believe people are too scared to rock the boat, and make waves. Well I say NO MORE! Stand up and be counted! Use your vote to make a difference. Council members are elected to serve the communities that elected them, it is an honour and a privilege and not simply a route to fortune and glory! Our councillors should be held personally accountable for each and every decision they make. They should lead from the front, by example. They should shine the spotlight of truth onto those that would try to deal in the shadows, root out corruption at all levels.

So I ask you all, to stand with me in the coming months, to vote with your conscience, vote for CHANGE!


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