Money for Nothing

It’s important in life that from time to time we question ourselves and challenge our assumptions and conclusions. 


The strength of Change For Bridgend is that because we are a group of independents with independent minds and perspectives we are continually doing just that.


However, whenever we look at the performance of the administration currently running OUR county borough we keep coming to the same conclusion, they are out of ideas and running out of time.


Today we learn of the shambles of Mynydd Cynfig school. A controversial project that BCBC persisted with in the face of opposition that has now been shelved.


Unbelievably it is estimated that, despite not a single brick being laid, the cost to us council tax payers could be up to £300,000.


BCBC are cutting the education budget by £870,000 a year yet have written off (LOST) over a third of that on this single non project.


It is said that buildings don’t make schools, it’s what’s inside that matters.


This may be true but this administration have poured £300k down the drain without so much as a bike shed to show for it.


In any other walk of life we would expect to hear an apology from the cabinet member for education or even the leader himself but the silence is deafening yet speaks volumes about this arrogant and out of touch administration.


It’s time for CHANGE.

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