Marcelle Humphreys – Brackla Ward

would like to confirm that I am standing as an Independent Councillor for Brackla in the coming elections in May.

I have lived in Brackla for over 34 years. I lived in Maesteg with my Mother-in-Law when I first moved to Wales, with my then husband and two sons. My 3rd son was born here. I god divorced 18 years ago and married my second husband 11 years ago.

I believe that BCBC and the Labour councillors are not doing a brilliant job for the people of the area and I know only too well how they can distort the truth as I have had first hand experience of their lies and deceit.

I have run businesses in the area for over 25 years and I am currently a trader in Maesteg Market. This is where my latest experience with BCBC and Borough Councillors stem from. They are trying to close down a 135 year old market to turn it into a library and “culture hub” with very little thought about the 12 traders and their employees.

After listening to the blatant lies and shall we say lack of correct information given to the people who decide on funding these projects. Quote “The Town Hall is an empty, rarely used building”. The Market is in the basement 6 days a week and can hardly be called an empty or rarely used building.

This is why I have decided to run for the Borough and Community Council for Brackla, with the backing of Change For Bridgend, as I know that the people are not listened to by the current councillors. I have always voted for Labour but my views have changed over the past couple of years and more so I the last 6 months. This is why I am standing as an Independent as I believe that this is the way forward.

I will be able to vote in meetings for what you the constituents want and not have Councillors or a Party Whip dictating to me which way to vote. I wold ask a cross section of constituents for your opinions and vote on the majority. I believe this is a fair and just way to do a democratic vote and get your voices heard.

There are so many things to be put right and I know this can not be achieved overnight but I will do all within my power to implement as much as possible the changes that are long overdue.

I have little experience of council work, but if they can do it, then I know I can. I have been Chair of Maesteg Market Traders Assoc for the past 6 years and have had quite a few run ins with BCBC and Councillors and I am not afraid to speak my mind and stand up for people.

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