Stuart Charles – Brackla Ward

I am pleased and excited to announce that I will be standing as an independent candidate in the forthcoming May elections. I intend to stand as both County Councillor for Brackla Ward and for Brackla Community Council.

When I moved to Bridgend 20 years ago, Brackla was where I set up my home and where my wife and I started our family. It was there that my two sons started their education (at Tremains Primary) and where for a while I coached football ,for Brackla Juniors. While I moved just out of Brackla three years ago I still feel part of the community and I am passionate about ensuring that the community receives the best public services possible.

I am not, nor have I ever been a member of a political party. Ever since I was first able to vote I have voted for candidates purely based of their party colours. But the political landscape has changed and I believe the dogmas of the major parties have no place in local government. They are simply too far removed from our community to care about the issues we that matter to us like fly tipping and the condition of our roads.

The decisions about what is best for Brackla should be based on the needs of the community and not dictated by the Party Whips in Westminster. The dissatisfaction with the current BCBC administration is obvious whether it is about the ludicrous new recycling initiatives policed by private companies for profit or the slow demise of our town centre. If elected in May I will strive to challenge the decisions of the elected members and to hold the officers and senior managers to account.

I have never stood for election before and I am grateful for the support of Change For Bridgend. I am excited to be part of a Change for Bridgend team that has the energy, passion and talent to make a difference. I am sure that it is time for a change and I want to play my part in making it happen

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