Nathan Goldsworthy – Brackla Ward

My Name is Nathan Goldsworthy; I have decided to stand in the elections as an Independent for Bridgend and Brackla on May the 4th with the support of Change for Bridgend.

Originally from Tenby, I have been a resident of Brackla since 2012, I have 2 young children who attend Brackla Primary School and for the last 14 years I have been in the Royal Navy Submarine Service as a Communications Information Specialist working from Plymouth and at the Headquarters in London.

I’ve had experience of working directly with BCBC, during my resettlement phase of leaving the forces, with the uncertainty of the job market I established 2 businesses. One of them working in Bridgend Bus Station. I’m sure a lot of you will recognise me from there if you have used it.

During this time my eyes were opened to the goings on of what happens in BCBC and things I strongly disagree with regarding how the council operates. But more so the local social issues we have in our community – the issues I had been shocked to learn about such as Drugs misuse, Unemployment, Mental Health, Housing and what appears to be a massive problem in every aspect of modern living – Cyber Bullying.

These are all issues which need to be addressed from the grass root level in local politics. I feel let down by the current councillors in their behaviour from what I’ve seen online and in the local community.

My friends, Family and previous colleagues will vouch for me on this, I refuse to accept answers such as “that’s the way it is”,” that’s the way it’s always been done” and “we don’t have a choice”. Coming from a disciplined service where you could say my mentality may be against the grain I held people to account for their actions regardless of rank or seniority I confronted several issues from breaking working time regulations to bullying and I changed practises which others said I couldn’t.

Now finally living at home full time I feel I can represent our community and be the voice of reason to make our area the place it should be.

My Goals if elected are to put a more structured plan in place to maintain the appearance of our home and control the fly tipping and litter issues rather than relying on residents to clean up the community.

To Change the way we run our local events, which always have fantastic local support, and listen to the public on how we can improve them to make them more beneficial to the community rather than the cherry-picked companies who are now invited to attend.

Cyber bullying – This is a problem which is growing every day, claiming more and more victims with the age range extending both ways. With a massive variety of people, even in public positions, also utilising this method as a weapon of choice, a lot of people are almost oblivious to the knock-on effects it has. I would like to raise the awareness for this to educate in what is potentially happening to their loved ones without them knowing so.

If elected on May the 4th I will be the local voice to challenge, the voice to represent and the councillor to listen to our community with the community always as a priority for the full duration and not just on the build up to elections.

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