50 Principles of Change

1. In response to the challenging financial climate, we will develop a strategy for transformational change of council run services. Recognising the unprecedented financial challenges facing the Council, the proactive strategy will seek to reshape the way in which we work in order to mitigate the effect of the impact of cuts and assist in continuing to provide priority services.
2. We will carry out a full review of all service contracts to ensure the public are getting full value for money and all contracts are fit for purpose.
3. Engage with traders and other key partners across the Borough to look at innovative ideas and opportunities to encourage greater footfall not only from those living in the area, but also outside it.
4. Proactively engage with key partners to encourage inward investment into the Borough, creating investment zones.
5. Work positively with relevant regulatory agencies to ensure Borough services are delivering high quality services to those most in need.
6. Create positive relationships with education providers to ensure both staff and students are encouraged to deliver the best possible results. We will increase the learning opportunities for disadvantaged individuals and vulnerable families. We will work with key partners in education and businesses to reduce the number of young people not in education, employment or training.
7. We will improve our knowledge of the diverse needs of the community, so that groups of people protected under the Equality Act 2010 can better access Council services.
8. We will set up a multi-agency steering group to develop initiatives that provide information and support to residents affected by Welfare Reform and raise awareness of staff and partners about the impact of the changes.
9. We will work with the Police and Crime Commissioner to pilot a new approach to supporting victims of domestic violence.
10. We will work closely with housing providers, the Third Sector and local support services to provide appropriate accommodation and support services for particular vulnerable groups, including those who find themselves homeless.
11. Ensure there is a recognised and easily accessible point of contact for elected members to address issues raised by their local constituents.
12. Ensure there is a recognised and easily accessible point of contact for the public to address issues and make suggestions.
13. Carry out a comprehensive review of the transport infrastructure within the Borough, ensuring current systems are fit for purpose or, indeed, required.
14. We will implement a Local Transport Plan to improve accessibility, road safety, air quality and reduce congestion.
15. Deliver clear, transparent and accessible annual progress reports to the public on how the council has performed against Key Performance Indicators.
16. Deliver a comprehensive annual report on how the public’s investment in the Borough, through Council Tax payments, has been spent.
17. Review the Council’s performance management framework and put in place a new performance management system, taking account of the Well-being of Future Generations (Wales) Act indicators and milestones.
18. We will be open to different ideas and be accountable for the decisions we take.
19. Review the current arrangements to support effective scrutiny and facilitate more robust challenge and improved accountability.
20. Implement a full review of current recycling methods within the Borough within the constraints of the current contract. We will encourage local cooperatives to engage in local recycle initiatives that rewards their local community.
21. We will develop and implement a Waste Reduction Strategy and will look to remodel our waste management infrastructure to increase participation in recycling, reduce the growth of municipal waste and meet national targets without overly inconveniencing the public.
22. Conduct a full review of car parking facilities across the Borough, and develop cost effective methods that encourages the public to visit our towns.
23. Open constructive discussions with the Welsh Government to develop a Strategic Group, working with other Local Authorities, to review current Business Rates arrangements that encourages commercial landlords to positively act on their empty properties.
24. We will be robust in our discussions with the landlords of our valued town centre properties, ensuring the environment for shoppers is welcoming and delivers new and exciting choices to the public.
25. Create aspirational and culturally vibrant communities through engaging with, and supporting, them to access funding opportunities.
26. We will ensure we fully understand local needs. We will coordinate work across the Council to ensure consultation and engagement activities are effective and give residents a meaningful voice.
27. Develop and implement a Bridgend County Borough Arts Strategy with an increased focus on marketing and regional working.
28. Create a healthy and active Borough through initiatives involving health and other community partners.
29. Safeguarding those who are vulnerable and promoting independent living.
30. Carry out a full review of council functions that will focus on ensuring value for money, to embrace the need to change how we work which encourages and ensures positive relations with the public. This review would also include services contracted by the council to external providers.
31. We will develop a Medium Term Financial Plan (MTFP) that will deliver savings, without compromising services, but will cut unnecessary expenditure that does not benefit the public purse.
32. The MTFP will set out how the Council is forecasting its future financial position and the actions it will take to ensure a balanced budget. The MTFP will describe how it is assumed that the current downward trend in local government funding will continue. We will therefore plan for a range of challenging financial settlements from 2017 onwards. We have identified that failure to prepare for further funding reductions now will have far greater consequences for service delivery in the future.
33. We will review and challenge the Council’s approach to financial planning including a capital programme to ensure a long term view is balanced with the need to address immediate priorities.
34. We will work positively and productively with local regeneration partners to deliver on current and future development plans, ensuring they are affordable within our budget plans. Partnerships with external investment partners may also be sought.
35. Our priorities will be set in the context of available resources and the significant challenges facing public services but also reflect a willingness to embrace innovative ideas and new ways of working.
36. We will carry out a full cost analyses on reversing the pedestrianisation in parts of Bridgend Town Centre, which has overwhelming public support, which achieves value for money through a robust funding mechanism.
37. We will recognise the value of the contribution that Town and Community Councils and the voluntary sector have to play; we will develop a project dedicated to developing these relationships and working in partnership on specific projects, including community asset transfers.
38. We will continue, and improve, the Shared Regulatory Service with The Vale of Glamorgan and Cardiff Councils that delivers increased resilience, access to specialist skills and financial savings by adopting a regional approach to service delivery.
39. We will work closely with the Police and Crime Commissioner to prevent and tackle incidents of anti-social behaviour in town centres, including implementing restorative justice approaches for young people.
40. We will work with strategic partners and key stakeholders to implement a new Community Safety Strategy.
41. We will maximise economic growth, inward investment and employment opportunities through, the Capital City Region and our proximity to Cardiff Airport, the St Athan Enterprise Zone and robustly promote the Borough as a place for tourists to visit. We will celebrate all that the Borough has to offer the outside world.
42. We will protect, preserve and where possible enhance the built, natural and cultural heritage of the Borough of Bridgend.
43. We will support local businesses and increase the number of visitors across the Borough through the implementation of a Tourist Destination Management Plan and an annual programme of events and festivals.
44. We will support the management and growth of our town centres by creating an experienced and enthusiastic Regeneration Team that is supported by a fully costed and affordable strategy.
45. Work with partners to deliver a more robust Substance Misuse Strategy, providing support, information and more effective interventions.
46. Work with the Abertawe Bro Morgannwg Health Board to undertake a range of actions to prevent and tackle obesity and encourage healthy eating and healthier lifestyles.
47. We will not have a ‘business as usual’ approach but will Change how we approach corporate planning and the need to work differently. By adopting a more cross-cutting approach, where multiple service areas will contribute towards our objectives, we will strengthen our ability to work as ‘one council’ in delivering our priority outcomes.
48. We will implement an innovative change programme that reaches across every council department and involves us systematically reviewing all services to identify the potential to work more efficiently and effectively.
49. Supporting our Change agenda will be staff, managers and elected members who will be developing new skills and an understanding of working differently to support the Council and the public in achieving our challenging agenda.
50. We will be ambitious and forward thinking, embracing new ways of working and investing in our future.

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