Tim Wood – Newcastle Ward

I am formally announcing that I will be standing for election for Newcastle Ward for Bridgend County Borough Council and Bridgend Town Council for the 4th May 2017 as an Independent Candidate with the help and support of Change for Bridgend.
Born in the Rhondda my family moved to Penyfai when I was 1 year old. I have worked in Bridgend Market for 35 years and my family has been integral to trading in Bridgend for over 50 years. I currently sit at the centre of Town Centre events organising helping to put on the upcoming World War II event and the successful Classic Car Show, being the brainchild behind both events. I am an acclaimed local photographer exhibiting my works, promoting our beautiful countryside and coastline around the world.

My reason for standing as an Independent Candidate is

I strongly believe that Party Politics have no place in Local Government in any way at all. I believe that it is detrimental to what we receive as residents of this great Borough. I believe that Change starts small but Change is needed, for all of our benefit and I am willing to stand up to enable this Change to happen in Newcastle Ward and in Bridgend as a whole. I believe that people vote for people and should not vote for a Party where a candidate is chosen on the basis of their loyalty to the Party not the suitability of them as a Councillor.

I have serious concerns for my Town and I feel that that this can be overcome if the right people are elected in May. We need to create clarity in communications from BCBC, knowing who to speak to in order to address the issues as they arise. As a Market Trader I deal with BCBC on a daily basis and I see first hand the lack of leadership from the top which fails to support the officers in their daily duties, meaning that there is confusion and lack of productivity. I want to create a vibrant town that the residents can be proud of and this can be achieved, with strong leadership by people who understand the needs of a Town. I will give you public toilets as an example of what need to be addressed. I will work from day one on re-opening recently closed toilets and ensure that adequate, clean facilities are prioritised.

Savings need to be made but not in the form of cutting services but cutting waste and streamlining existing practises. BCBC is not run effectively and in an age of austerity it must be. As a Director of a company who has had to deal with falling income I know that I am the right person to represent Newcastle in such matters.

If you would like to discuss my candidacy with me, please feel free to contact me on Social Media


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