Eirwen (Sally) Hyde – Sarn Ward

My name is Eirwen Hyde, usually known as Sally. I was born in Aberkenfig and now live in Sarn.
I am married with two stepsons and three grandchildren. I have worked for both the private and public sectors, and have seen many areas where I believe money could have been saved, not wasted.
I am dismayed at the apathy that knows no bounds by the bureaucracy in our lovely Borough. The council is currently being run by a Labour majority and this, I feel, is part of the problem. Politics should not really play a part in local decisions, but local people should have that power. I don’t believe any of us are getting good value for the high council taxes we pay, which keep on rising, and that the borough residents should have more to say in what goes on, instead of being totally ignored.

Our once vital and thriving market towns of Bridgend and Maesteg and Porthcawl, our Jewel in the crown, are being run into the ground.

We need to put this beautiful area back on the map, to draw in visitors and tourists, and help to generate these places for all of us to enjoy as we should.

The vital and essential services are being cut back drastically, but still we are paying more in council tax. We are not doing enough with regards to recycling, the upkeep of the roads and verges is disgraceful, litter is everywhere and many areas are now looking totally neglected, no priority is given to sporting facilities to keep the youngsters out of trouble, the list is endless, yet the council continually waste money on needless and pointless schemes of little value to us or the area. They claim they need to save in excess of £30 million over the next few years, but don’t want to listen to any ideas that could save or even make money for the borough. This has to change as we all deserve better for money.

I know that this will be a massive undertaking and a huge challenge but I am willing to accept that challenge, all I need is your trust in me and your vote. And unused vote is a wasted vote, so I do hope you will use your vote wisely, vote for me your local independent candidate and together we can try to make things happen.
With the support of Change for Bridgend, I hope to bring back the power to the people and get our borough back on track. I am more than willing to listen to your needs, to try to help you, but first you have to help me by giving me your vote. If you are happy with the way things are in your area, you need to either do nothing or vote for the party you have always voted for. However, if you are unhappy with the services you are getting for your money, vote for me. Vote HYDE, vote independent, vote for common sense and for change. I intend to stand in the Sarn (St Brides Minor) ward.

Thank you

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