Andy McKay – Blackmill Ward

Hello, I’m Andrew McKay and I’m running for Community and Borough Councillor in the Ward of Blackmill.

I’ve been working in your area for approximately 14 years as the Project Coordinator of the local youth organisation, BAD Bikes. I have successfully accessed work, training and funding for young people in this area as well as providing experiences and opportunities outside of their immediate community, helping them to develop life skills, confidence and aspirations, ultimately resulting in young people who will strive to improve their life chances and become model community members.

Within my capacity, I’m very familiar with the kind of issues that may concern you on a daily basis – particularly those based around the lack of leadership from both Community and Borough Councillors. You regularly voice that you are forgotten when it comes to improvements and changes in the Ogmore Valley. Just those two simple sentences suggest that you are frustrated with being told, and never asked, and that you find it hard to reach your Councillors.

I will make myself accessible to you 24/7 to hear your thoughts or concerns. No more excuses that “it’s someone else’s fault” that you haven’t heard back about those concerns. There will be regular surgeries, my telephone number readily available and for the IT savvy I will be available through Facebook/messenger.

I know that I will carry your opinions with passion and welcome the opportunity to be held accountable. Don’t be fooled by those who suggest that an Independent Councillor can’t change anything, we will, it is those afraid of change that say we can’t!!!

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