Martin WIlliams Coity Ward – Coity Higher Community Council

Just under a year ago I was privileged that you elected me as one of two community councillors to represent you on Coity Higher Community Council.


In that time I have worked hard to highlight the role of the Community Council and influence it’s decisions so that it serves Coity more effectively.


In addition to this I have used my position as your community councillor to lobby on your behalf across a range of issues.


On May 4th all 11 community council seats will be up for re-election. Although I was only elected a short time ago, because it was a bye election, mine is too.


I am convinced that Coity Higher Community Council has the potential to make a positive contribution to our lives in Coity both directly through the provision of services and by fighting harder to represent us. Standing up for our growing community as we continue to face ever increasing challenges.


However, it’s not working hard enough at the moment. There’s a long way to go.


Over the past 11 months I have done my best to make a difference to our community and have fought hard for Coity. I take my role seriously.


I have ensured that Coity has been properly represented within the team developing our Community Access Plan when previously there was no one from Coity involved. This access plan offers a significant opportunity for us to tackle the transport issues that blight our community.


I am actively working with residents to resist the inappropriate and unwelcome amendments to the proposed Parc Farm development. I am also campaigning hard to seek improvements that will make Heol Spencer and Heol West Plas safer for us all.


I have ensured that Coity is represented and have encouraged community participation at PACT meetings. I have convened public meetings with the Parc Derwen developers so that you can hold them to account.


I have not hesitated to hold BCBC, the police, developers and my fellow councillors to account for their actions (or lack of). I am available 24/7.


The next five years will bring further change and challenges for Coity as our community continues to expand. Our community council must also evolve so that it is ready to meet these changing demands.


After careful consideration I have decided that I will be seeking re-election on 4th May as a Community Councillor representing Coity on Coity Higher Community Council.


In a climate of local government cuts it is inevitable that BCBC will ask community councils to do more. I thrive on these challenges and know I can work with my colleagues to deliver lasting and effective change in the way Coity Higher Community Council serves our community.


It is a scandal that despite now being the largest ward with Coity Higher Community Council Coity itself only has two out of 11 council seats whereas Pendre has four and Litchard five. I will fight to address this so that in future Coity has the representation it deserves. However, it means that it is all the more important that the Coity ward has hard working, driven representatives that can make up for their lack of numbers.


With a young family who all attend Coety Primary School I have a commitment to our community and an investment in its future. I care about Coity and I want to see it thrive.


I am completely Independent and firmly believe that party politics has no place in a community council. I am relentlessly determined and you can be assured that my actions are only driven by the needs of our community.


Between now and May 4th it’s business as usual. I will continue to work hard for Coity and hope to have the opportunity to speak to you about your aspirations and concerns for our community.


As ever, please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have a matter you wish to discuss.





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