You can Change Bridgend!

Since we launched just four months ago on 1st November Change for Bridgend has gone from strength to strength. 


The number of independent candidates that we are supporting has exceeded all expectation. Independent candidates will be contesting seats from the top to the bottom of the Garw Valley giving the residents of two wards a choice for the first time in many years.


Independent candidates are challenging the status quo and increasingly residents are asking searching questions of their existing party appointed councillors about whether their loyalties are to borough or party.


It’s a little over two months to the local elections and already many candidates have already declared with more waiting in the wings. However, there are still wards without a truly independent candidate to choose on May 4th.


Whether you want to represent your ward at BCBC, Town or Community Council or support those candidates who are we’d love to hear from you.


Get in touch and together we can deliver Change for Bridgend.

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