5 a Day – day 7

Welcome to Day 7 of our 5 Principles of Change.
These Principles detail our priorities for a Change for Bridgend.

31. We will develop a Medium Term Financial Plan (MTFP) that will deliver savings, without compromising services, but will cut unnecessary expenditure that does not benefit the public purse.

32. The MTFP will set out how the Council is forecasting its future financial position and the actions it will take to ensure a balanced budget.The MTFP will describe how it is assumed that the current downward trend in local government funding will continue. We will therefore plan for a range of challenging financial settlements from 2017 onwards. We have identified that failure to prepare for further funding reductions now will have far greater consequences for service delivery in the future.

33. We will review and challenge the Council’s approach to financial planning including a capital programme to ensure a long term view is balanced with the need to address immediate priorities.

34. We will work positively and productively with local regeneration partners to deliver on current and future development plans, ensuring they are affordable within our budget plans. Partnerships with external investment partners may also be sought.

35. Our priorities will be set in the context of available resources and the significant challenges facing public services but also reflect a willingness to embrace innovative ideas and new ways of working.

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