5 a Day – Day 5

Welcome to Day 5 of our 5 Principles of Change.

These Principles detail our priorities for a Change for Bridgend.

21. We will develop and implement a Waste Reduction Strategy and will look to remodel our waste management infrastructure to increase participation in recycling, reduce the growth of municipal waste and meet national targets without overly inconveniencing the public.

22. Conduct a full review of car parking facilities across the Borough, and develop cost effective methods that encourages the public to visit our towns.

23. Open constructive discussions with the Welsh Government to develop a Strategic Group, working with other Local Authorities, to review current Business Rates arrangements that encourages commercial landlords to positively act on their empty properties.

24. We will be robust in our discussions with the landlords of our valued town centre properties, ensuring the environment for shoppers is welcoming and delivers new and exciting choices to the public.

25. Create aspirational and culturally vibrant communities through engaging with, and supporting, them to access funding opportunities.

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