Where is the Leadership?

It is shocking to read in the media today how OUR local authority failed to keep proper records or have appropriate oversight of a child’s savings account whilst in foster care; resulting in him having £3,310 less than he anticipated when he left care.

It is equally shocking that they refuse to reimburse the money and have ignored the Local Government Ombudsman who asked them to do so and also said that BCBC’s conduct amounted to “maladministration“.

The Ombudsman has said “The only way in which we can see justice done and to really put things right for this young man, who has just come out of care, is to make sure that he receives this payment.” Yet BCBC refuse.

Their only defence is that there is no national guidance for Local Authorities on such matters.

Why does a council need ‘guidance’ to do the right thing? Where is the leadership and guidance from the cabinet? Did anyone on the cabinet take any responsibility for this young man or even attempt to intervene on his behalf?

Last week Change For Bridgend spoke about a lack of transparency and accountability within BCBC and yet again we see the results.

We call upon the cabinet of BCBC to show some courage and instruct their officers to do the right thing.

OUR authority requires clear lines of accountability and transparency in its decision making.

We can make that happen on May 4th. 

It’s time for change.

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