5 a Day – Day 2

Welcome to Day 2 of our 5 Principles of Change.
These Principles detail our priorities for a Change for Bridgend.

6. Create positive relationships with education providers to ensure both staff and students are encouraged to deliver the best possible results. We will increase the learning opportunities for disadvantaged individuals and vulnerable families. We will work with key partners in education and businesses to reduce the number of young people not in education, employment or training.

7. We will improve our knowledge of the diverse needs of the community, so that groups of people protected under the Equality Act 2010 can better access Council services.

8. We will set up a multi agency steering group to develop initiatives that provide information and support to residents affected by Welfare Reform and raise awareness of staff and partners about the impact of the changes.

9. We will work with the Police and Crime Commissioner to pilot a new approach to supporting victims of domestic violence

10. We will work closely with housing providers, the Third Sector and local support services to provide appropriate accommodation and support services for particular vulnerable groups, including those who find themselves homeless.

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