Principles of Change

Your ‘5 a day’ at 5

Over the next ten days, at 5:00, we will be publishing 5 Principles of Change. These principles will detail our priorities for a Change for Bridgend.

1. In response to the challenging financial climate, we will develop a strategy for transformational change of council run services. Recognising the unprecedented financial challenges facing the Council, the proactive strategy will seek to reshape the way in which we work in order to mitigate the effect of the impact of cuts and assist in continuing to provide priority services.

2. We will carry out a full review of all service contracts to ensure the public are getting full value for money and all contracts are fit for purpose.

3. We will engage with traders and other key partners across the Borough to look at innovative ideas and opportunities to encourage greater footfall not only from those living in the area, but also outside it.

4. We will proactively engage with key partners to encourage inward investment into the Borough, creating investment zones.

5. We will work positively with relevant regulatory agencies to ensure Borough services are delivering high quality services to those most in need

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