Sorrel Dendy – Blaengarw Ward

I’m happy to announce that I will be standing for the Blaengarw ward in the upcoming Community Council election as an Independent.

I have lived all my life in Blaengarw. I’ve seen it change over the years and sometimes, frankly, not for the better. I have always tried to be the voice of the people and stand up for what is right throughout my life.

That’s why I’m doing this.

I’m doing this because I want to make a difference for my community, our community. I want to actually implement positive changes. I want others to see Blaengarw as I do. A tight-knit community with a history of people coming together in times of need. Blaengarw, home to beautiful views, fantastic wildlife, entrepreneurs and hard workers.

As a community councillor for Blaengarw I would listen to local people and make sure they are heard. I will be loud and clear. I am ready to make those in unelected power accountable for their actions, to get to the roots of every issue I come across, to serve my community and not the pockets of those behind closed doors.

I am ready to stand up for my community and make sure the job, we the people, ask to be done, is being done to our satisfaction.

I’m not a Politician. I’ve not got friends in high places. But I am Blaengarw born and bred, I am honest. I am hard working. I am ready to represent our community.

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