Paul Warren – Cefn Glas Ward

I am pleased and extremely proud to let people know that I will be standing as an Independent candidate for the Cefn Glas ward at the forthcoming May elections. With the support of the Change for Bridgend group, and those close to me, I know this will be a campaign I can win.
Having lived in Cefn Glas for the last 15 years, and knowing the area since I was born, I’d like to think I know what is good and what needs improving. However, it’s really down to you, the residents of Cefn Glas who will let me know the real issues. As a true Independent Councillor you can be sure I will speak up for you at Borough level, and act on your needs, not the needs of a political party where their elected people are too afraid to speak out for fear of being deselected. I will work honestly with others, supporting them when they get it right, but holding them to account when they get it wrong – but always delivering for my constituents.

I believe that local decision-making leads to better outcomes for our citizens and communities; that the focus of central and local government should be not on inputs but on securing better outcomes.
If you vote for me, and I hope you will, following the local election will require an early view to be taken about the Council’s budget prospects. There will need to be a brief period of review to consider the state of the finances, what cuts are already in process and what can be halted, what can be scaled back and where there are others areas that can be looked at.

However, I believe that front line services should be protected and that efficiency savings should be exactly that, savings brought about by more efficient ways of working, more robust contract management, and better use of assets.

Along with the many people of our borough I share the feeling that the current BCBC administration is out of ideas and lacks the necessary drive and imagination to transform and improve the way the authority can serve its residents.

An Independent councillor, supported by Change for Bridgend, will present their wards with clear policies and clear choices. Policies will be informed by local need not cascaded down from on high by national party policy.

You all have a clear choice on election day, you can change the direction our borough is going in. I am asking you to choose change over more of the same, and to vote for me to be your councillor.

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