Lee Robson – Your INDEPENDENT candidate for Bridgend Town Council Newcastle Ward

I am pleased and honoured to stand as your Independent candidate for Town Council.

I was born in Bridgend General and raised in the borough. After attending the Tech I moved away for over a decade before returning to raise my own children in the town.

There are a number of concerns regarding Bridgend that I want to try and help with, from supporting local schools and businesses, through increasing shops and access, to trying to increase support and awareness of local points of interest, such as the castle and St John’s House.

In Newcastle Ward, particularly I have grave concerns over the Coed Parc development. Whilst I heartily welcome any improvements in health provision, I want to ensure they do not come at the cost of closing Cefn Glas surgery, or pose a risk to Evergreen Hall for example, a longstanding charity for the over 50’s in the ward that got hit very hard by reduced funding. I have been very grateful to be allowed to volunteer as the manager for the Hall and to be given the chance to help turn things around there.

I am also deeply concerned over the city deal. The amount of information regarding the benefits to Bridgend from this deal have been scant indeed, and I would want residents to know just what they are getting for all the money BCBC are giving away whilst at the same time cutting local bus services and asking residents to decide on where to cut next.

I have spent most of my life working in various forms of project and budget control and management, saving where possible. I have direct experience of both being on a local council, and of working with local charities and companies to help the councils improve the lives of residents on as many levels as possible. I am a firm believer in improving cooperation and action between residents, businesses, schools and charities on all levels, using continuous improvement methods over and over again, never resting on laurels as there are always more improvements to be made.


I am standing as an Independent candidate because I believe that party politics genuinely has no place at a community level and have been very lucky to see many examples of improvements where people have put aside their national political loyalties and worked together.


I absolutely believe It is vital that councillors act for the people, and not some regional or national party office.


Hope to see you all soon.




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