The Kier Contract

Following the scrutiny committee meeting on 22nd November where the Kier contract was scrutinised we are pleased that councillors across the political spectrum held both Kier and the officers to robust account and represented the frustrations experienced in every corner of our County Borough.

However, we are appalled that councillors and particularly members of the scrutiny committee, have not been given sight of the contract.

The officer cited commercial confidentiality. However, the contract was released to Bridgend County Independents and the media in the summer and indeed formed the basis of an article in the Gazette.

It is already is the public domain yet councillors are being denied access to this critical document.

How can they hold the BCBC cabinet, officers and Kier to account if they don’t know what the rules of the game are?

We call upon the contract to be published on the BCBC website at the earliest opportunity and that all BCBC councillors issued the contract with immediate effect.

Should any BCBC councillor wish to view the contract please get in touch.

Transparency is essential to scrutiny.

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