Lee Robson – Aberkenfig Ward

I am pleased and proud to announce that I am running as an Independent councillor for Aberkenfig ward in Bridgend County, with the support of the Change for Bridgend group.
I was born in The General and was raised in Coytrahen, Brynmenyn and Tondu. I went to Tondu Infants and Juniors and Archbishop McGrath Comp. My first job was in Hitchin’s and I had my 18th in the Lion. I have lived in Sarn and Pendre and I got married in St Robert’s, where both of my children were baptised.

I moved away from Bridgend for almost 15 years, working in various forms of project control and management, specialising in project methodology, planning, and time and cost control. I have spent years delivering projects on time, under or within budget and saving where possible. I moved back to the area two years ago believing it was the best thing for my family, and for myself, and that I had finally developed the skills and knowledge to help the town I grew up in.

I will continue the hard work and effort set by current Councillor Mel Winter, whose advice, guidance and support has been invaluable in my preparation for this election. I will use his example to continue to improve cooperation between residents, businesses, schools and charities on both village and town levels, creating central points of contact for all residents to avoid duplication of efforts and rising costs in the future, particularly given the large changes that are coming to Aberkenfig in planning, highways and housing.

I will be releasing a full manifesto shortly, detailing my plans for changes to help small business, better residential communications and partnerships, filling shops and market stalls, improving recycling aims, auditing and presenting council records publicly and openly, trying to combat the £30M of cuts Bridgend has to meet and how to offset the future government plans to make all local councils responsible for the national social care debt by 2020.

Finally, I wish to say that I am Independent because we, as a country, have been ruled by two parties acting in their own interests for nearly a century, and if we want actual, genuine change, we have to change how we vote, and stay away from the same old two regimes. It is important that councilors, and indeed all politicians, act for the people, not for their party, and are actually held accountable. Change starts small, but change is needed.

Many thanks for your time, and I hope to see you on your doorsteps soon.

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